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Changing the Interface of Higher Education

The pedagogy for technology enabled education over last few decades have been influenced by behaviorist, cognitive, and constructivist theories. These theories are debated vigorously by the educational scientists. While the debate is extremely important for the paradigm shift, the need for a framework for instructional designers seeking meaningful incorporation of technology is necessary. With the infusion of new technological methods to deliver education on-line there is an acute need for reinvention of the pedagogical framework.

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Fluid Mechanics Hypercourse

This CD-ROM is designed to accompany James Fay's "Introduction to Fluid Mechanics". An enhanced hypermedia version of the textbook, it offers a number of ways to explore the fluid mechanics domain. These include a complete hypertext version of the original book, physical-experiment video clips, excerpts from external references, audio annotations, coloured graphics, review questions, and progressive hints for solving problems. Throughout, the authors provide guidance in navigating the typed links so that students do not get lost in the learning process.